Out of office

I always find it deeply satisfying when I am at the point of making the ‘Out of Office’ option active on my email account at work. It really does feel as if my holiday is beginning. So this very short blog is the equivalent of that.

There isn’t a blog on Living God for the next three Sundays – normal service will be resumed, God willing, on Sunday 4 September after my holiday and the Southwark Diocesan Conference. I will miss you all, of course, but we all need a break – and I hope that however you achieve it, you get some time for relaxation before September arrives and things get back to normal. I won’t stop praying, of course, so you can still follow me and my daily prayers inspired by the psalms at Morning Prayer on Twitter at @deansouthwark

Lord Jesus, you stepped aside and found a place to rest and be at peace; bless us as we break from our routine, that we may return to the normality of our lives refreshed and renewed. Amen.

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