The clock is ticking

I can’t quite believe that we are half way through Lent and that next week will be Mothering Sunday, after which our attention begins to turn very much towards Passiontide and Holy Week. The enforced isolation – or rather the isolation I chose now that we don’t legally have to isolate when we are positive – meant that I had the time to get on with some tasks that took some time that I don’t always have.

When I was having the various book launches of my book for Passiontide and holy Week, ‘The Hour Is Come’, one of the people at the talks asked whether I might put out Tweets to remind people that it was time to read a chapter of the book. It sounded like an excellent idea, but at the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘I don’t quite know how to do that and will I have time?’ Well, in the ten days at home I learnt how to do it and I did have time. So there are now a whole series of Tweets scheduled to go out to help people engage with the book and more importantly with the events of Holy Week.

The reason for mentioning this today is that the book actually begins on Lent 4, Mothering Sunday, next Sunday, and so I just wanted to take this opportunity to warn you and to encourage you to buy the book if you have not yet done so. You can get a copy of the book by visiting here – although I know there are many other booksellers!

Hopefully it will be a way in which together we can accompany Jesus as the clock ticks and time moves towards the events of Good Friday and all that lies beyond.

In addition to the book and the Tweets there are three sessions to be held at Southwark Cathedral to develop the theme of the book. You can find details of all of these here and if you can’t get to the Cathedral it will all be live-streamed so that you can participate from wherever you are.

In the midst of a busy world,
we wait, Lord,
with you
and for you.

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