Living faith

Today the funeral of Bob Hawkins takes place.  You won’t have heard of him but he was Head Server at the church of All Saints, Wigston Magna when I was growing up and learning about the faith.  Bob was a great teacher and a faithful Christian.  I remember him with particular thanks because he taught us to say a prayer after the priest had left the altar and we were preparing to leave church at the end of the Eucharist.  You know, I continue to say this prayer as I leave the altar.  You may think it is a bit childlike but, well, I am still a child of God.

This is the prayer he taught us to say

Now we leave your altar, Lord,where your Son we have adored,let our thanks again arise for this holy sacrifice. And if thoughts have entered in which have mixed my prayer with sin, let your Son’s pure blood and grace all my sinfulness efface. Sweet it is to worship here, soon may that bright day appear when your glory we shall see and unhindered worship thee.  Amen.

I don’t know where Bob got the prayer from or whether it is of his own devising but as I give thanks for Bob today I give particular thanks that he gave me something that continues to feed my faith and reminds me that the worship offered here is only a dim reflection and a tiny echo of the glory and the song of heaven.  And it makes me wonder what I have handed on to others that continues to resource their own living faith.

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